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Board Members


Marcella Betts

I remarried in 1995 to Donald Betts. I retired from Qwest in 2004 and became a  grandmother  in 2005, 2007, and 2011. 

In 2011 I became a Respite worker for Childserve  which entails providing activities for my grandsons blessed with special health concerns, providing their breaks for their parents during the day as well as  enjoying and having the time talking to my grankids on the way to school and back.


Robyn MacMillan

I have been happily married for 19 years. I have the title of Vice President of Sales and Marketing but really I am more of a sounding board. My experience comes from 5 years as a telemarketer selling cable TV packages and conducting surveys for various businesses. My husband suffers from PTSD after working in corrections for nearly 30 years. I myself, suffer from severe anxiety issues. I have a son and a stepdaughter who have given us 3 beautiful granddaughters and 1 handsome grandson, so far!

My hobbies are reading, spending time with hubby, spending time with family and friends, and last but not least, spending time with our furbabies.


Tamara Robinson

Most of my life I have spent helping others. As a young adult I worked in a nursing home. Later I worked in customer service as a cashier and security officer. I am now taking care of my parents who reside in my home. I believe my purpose in life is to help others. I love the outdoors and all types of animals.  Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

Tamara (Tammy) Robinson


Tamara Monroe

I live in Southern California, where I met and married my husband, Bill, in 1986. We have raised and home educated our 5 children.  For 29 years I have helped my husband with the office side of running our own small business.  I have also done Event Planning for Craft Fairs, Used Curriculum Fairs, Fundraisers, and Ladies Teas. I am comfortable speaking in public and enjoy meeting people.  My hobbies include: playing with my 2 Grandchildren, camping, quad riding, bike riding, tennis, volleyball, and playing the flute.  I enjoy singing on my church's worship team. Our church offers an additional separate service specifically accommodating families with Special Needs (ie, Autism/Asperger's Syndrome) children/adults allowing them to attend church together.  For the last year I have had the privilege of helping to facilitate this service by attending and helping with the worship time.  This has increased my awareness of the special needs and difficulties that families with such special health challenged individuals must deal with on a daily basis.

Lawrence Evan Thacker Sr.

Manager of A-NOD For Situational Awareness LLC

A-NOD helps bring awareness advocacy and action to those needing assistance in mindfully making situational choices that could change their experiences 

Des Moines Iowa

EMT/FIRE Medic/ Ambulance Correction Experience

My professional goal is to bring the product and program of 

A-NOD to families seeking to strengthen their voice of awareness advocacy and action within their experiences of loved ones blessed with special health concerns especially in the presence of Public Officers and Officials. 

Recognizing a gap in the system and learning how to create a voice for it to create change regarding it. 

My hobbies are fishing hunting and  outdoor activities. 

My divers skills advocate resourcing and networking for families


Grace Hansen

Hi, my name is Grace Hansen. I am 32 years old. I Have been married to my husband for 13 years and together we have 6 kids (5 out of the 6 are special needs). I am a stay home mom. I can sew anything; I also do embroidery and I can put any image on anything. I am a loving, friendly, smart, and easy person to get along with. I am a family originated person. I enjoy helping people and being with family. I got my associates in business administration. I like to keep busy and always on the go. 


Michael Thacker

I am The Logo  designer of A-NOD. I am a freshman at Dowling High School and I enjoy sports, science and music. I hope to be able to help expand the business as well help explain it  more so.


Laura Marlowe

I am the mother of nine children and at this time, the grandmother of two very special little boys.  I have been an Elementary School Teacher and have worked on pursuing my Master's Degree in Speech and Language Pathology.  I am a Certified 200 RYT Yoga Instructor and I will complete my course work in July for my 500 RYT.



I live in the beautiful Midway, Utah mountains with my husband Pete and our six amazing children, some of who may not look like it, but they are very special needs. For over four years we have utilized this program for our household. We have the safety sticker on our front door, the back of our vehicle windows, high school locker, etc. The safety sticker opens doors to questions and more education to ensure that things run well for everyone involved. I am thankful for peace of mind the A-NOD program and the sticker symbolizes alerting awareness to any authorities, or family navigators (ex: police, medical specialist, school leaders and teachers, state social workers, therapists, etc.) that need to help a child, an adult, or senior who have a special need, to be alerted and open to a conversation on how to approach the situation most safely and efficiently. In the short and long run, the A-NOD symbol alone will open doors, strengthen relationships, and ultimately save lives.

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 6.32.27 PM.png


I am experienced in working with families and children who deal with alcoholism and Alzheimer’s patients. Volunteering for seven years. I have compassion and understanding the people that suffer from this. And my best friend ever since I’ve known her before she had children has three special needs children. And they they are like my children I love them and I spend a lot of time with them. I spent a lot of time with him and I talk to him every day on the phone. My heart goes out and I feel drawn to help these children. Suffer this way and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to bring awareness to them and help.

dave head shot 3.jpg


I am the Business Consultant for A-NOD.  My experience includes managing the finances for 6 non-profit organizations and working in varying capacities for 3 government organizations.  I worked for the State of Iowa Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program in an effort to reduce hazardous exposures to children and families.  As a 4th Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus, I served as the Life Director promoting the dignity and respect of life for all including persons with intellectual and physical disabilities. I am married with 8 children. My wife Nancy and I regularly go on a "date night" enjoying a meal out and sometimes a movie together.  We can be seen  leading songs at church and involved with prayer groups and other parish committees. I am thrilled to be a part of a team and organization that will help everyone understand situational awareness and work together to assist individuals and families with special behavioral health concerns.  



I currently serve as a Director for the Hawarden Regional Healthcare Board.  I am an active advocate for disability awareness at the state and national levels. I currently serve as the Chair of the Iowa Early Access Council and on their Family engagement Team.  In addition, I am involved in the Iowa Child Health Specialty Clinic Advisory Council as a Parent Advocate and mentors trainees for the Iowa Family Leadership Training Institute.  I am a parent mentor for the ASK Resource Center. I have participated in the South Dakota LEND Program and Volunteered nationally at the NDSC Annual Down syndrome Conference and locally for the West Sioux Special Olympics Program.  

My husband, Ben, and I enjoy spending time with family and cheering on the West Sioux Falcons, where we are both employed, along with our daughters Norah and Ruby.   

I was born & raised in a small town in Southern Illinois.  I've lived in a number of states (all in the midwest) always working in the administrative field.  I actually graduated college w/high honors walking away with an administrative assistant degree. (30 years after graduating HS). 


I have one son.  He is an Executive Chef in Jupiter Florida now.  He spent years in the Caribbean working as a chef.  That is how I was able to travel some.  Some of my hobbies are baking, painting & puzzles.  I really enjoy gardening, playing in the dirt!  I love to stay busy and usually do within the perimeters of my chronic pain.  I love my little man Baxter, my shiZuh.


I started doing service work when I went on disability.  Service for seniors, for churches, etc.  Run around doing errands or whatever else needs to be done.  

I am proud to say I have been sober for 4+years.  I'm into service work at the White House, working on committees, chairing, etc.


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