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Battle of the Burbs

Battle of the Burbs

The mayor from Clive Festival invited us to come. Even though we we running late, it was still no sweat to take the picture! Our contributions went toward charities this event was funding! 


Date and Time:

Walk Awareness. Walk for A-NOD

Saturday, June 26 2021

9:00am – 1:00pm


Location and Directions: 

Copper Creek Park

Lake Shore Drive

Pleasant Hill, IA


We are excited to be able to kickoff our 1st A-NOD For Situational Awareness in-person free will gifted awareness walk on June 26 2021. The walk is from 9 am to 2pm.


This year’s theme is Safety and Support For All Involved. 

A-NOD for Situational Awareness Members have worked on creating a tool of awareness shaped by those life experiences that points to a gap that needs to be addressed. 

Many of our loved ones blessed with behavioral, emotional, mental, and special health concerns including those with invisible diagnosis, have experienced the stigma that they are acting in a manner that creates barriers to the helper’s role and service especially during traffic stops, accidents and home related issues. Although some truth may be gleamed from an individual’s incident, that isn’t always the full factor of the scene. 

Situational awareness asks that the helpers be mindfully aware of anything else at the scene that may have an impact on its outcome. This choice can make the difference of one being detained or delivered. 

Deliverance can help one find their voice, state what their issue is in a manner that is safe and supported by all, as well as save lives. It also shares the  experience between helper and patron which can bridge the gap which will allow us to be able to break free from the cycle that the gap has produced. 

A-NOD members seek this and they strive to help find ways to assist others change their situations and to mindfully create ways to do so. 

One mother shared, "when the officers came into my house unaware that my oldest son had a condition that could create additional issues or outcomes, I was scared and uncertain, and didn’t initially know what to say to the officers after my son’s confrontational behavior. Initially, I couldn’t stop the impulsive choices that my son was making nor the perceived reaction of the officers. Yet despite the tension that was felt in that moment, a pause lent itself in providing a mindful choice in my asking the officers if they could sit down so that my oldest son could calm down. Initially, the officers said they could not because of safety concerns, which I said I understood. I again reasoned with them becoming a voice for our son that another choice could make all the difference. Thankfully, in our case they chose to see the impact of this request.

Mindfully, the officers sat down and our son disengaged. 

In Retrospect, Robert’s perceived fears almost got him detained. Thankfully, instead, he was delivered. Later on I asked our oldest son what had helped him and he said it was because the officer was nice." 

I had witnessed A-NOD’s concept working and it has made all the difference. 

In a society where 1 out of 5 people deal with an invisible diagnosis, especially in these days where global uncertainty is causing additional stress, we need to connect with families who will benefit from our products and mindful situational choices. 

The members are hoping that through the June 26 fundraiser that the A-NOD seeds will grow from there and that Situational Awareness will become known. 

As we continue to grow, we are taking necessary steps towards God given vision of our future-more venues and events to get our business products and educational programs out and understood, appropriations for products, and additional resources needed to change and save lives in a mindful manner. 

But, we cannot do the work alone, that which gives glory to God. The more awareness connections are made, the greater the value seen for A-NOD’s products and services, the bridges that are made that will promote Support and Safety for All. 

So what can you do? 

Come to A-NOD’s fundraiser on June 26th. Come and learn how Situational Awareness can be utilized by you and for your loved ones and help A-NOD reach its goals.

Questions? Interested in becoming a business sponsor? Please contact A-NOD For Situational Awareness LLC, Diane Thacker at (515) 776-8321

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