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About the Founder

Hello, my name is Diane Thacker. My husband Larry Sr. and I have been married for 27 years.  We have four sons of which three were blessed with special health concerns. 

I am also a social worker by profession and a MindSpring Mental Health Alliance and NAMI of Iowa family speaker and member. I am the Founder of A-NOD for Situational Awareness LLC. 

The Mission of A-NOD For Situational Awareness, LLC is to strive to repair and strengthen the relationship between public servants and communities where special mental and behavioral health concerns are present.  We are doing this by educating the greater community and teaching de-escalation techniques that combine safety and support for all.

The Vision of A-NOD For Situational Awareness, LLC is to create a safe environment where those with special mental and behavioral health concerns are treated with dignity and respect by public servants.


A-NOD's Philosophy

In our busy, fast paced world, we overlook the signs that can alert us to what is most important. A-NOD For Situational Awareness, LLC recognizes that the decisions we make for our families and customers speak to those blessed with special health concerns who seek that all feel welcomed, acknowledged, accepted, included, inclusively respected, and valued in a dignified manner especially during accidents, home issues, and traffic stops. 

Innately understood on all levels, A-NOD team members will then strive to reflect this understanding to all while in our business and our communities which will then assist in creating stronger, safer, and supportive interactions between families and customers blessed with special health concerns, as well as, Peace Officers, EMS Officials, and Medical Staff. 

The value of A-NOD For Situational Awareness, LLC will create a new culture of awareness and accountability by bridging the gaps which will then transform how we all relate and deal with each other mindfully and situationally in everything we do.

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