While masks are still a choice within our daily lives, mask wearers look for masks that are quality made and that fit comfortably and securely to one’s nose, ears and face while wearing it. 


A-NOD For Situational Awareness LLC masks come in either black or light gray and are made of Quilter’s grade cotton material that is washer and dryer safe. They come in small, medium, and large, based on the wearer's face width. Cord Adjusters are fitted on the soft spandex ear loops, and nose wires are sewn into the material, to the appreciation of eyeglass wearers. 


Today masks can be used to convey messages and values reflected by the wearer. A-NOD For Situational Awareness masks also convey its non-verbal core value, Safety and Support Together For All, especially for our loved ones blessed with behavioral, emotional, mental, and special health concerns  in the presence of public servants.  Wearing one makes a difference for all involved and it is an indicator and a light of awareness which becomes communal and transformational. 


To purchase, please contact Creator Jill Waterbury at Rjrldm@gmail.com.


Thank you!


 Diane Thacker, Founder

A-NOD For Situational Awareness LLC


A-NOD Mask Light Grey Size Small